Boston Pizza and Beer Tour!

The ferry let us off at the cobblestone streets of neighboring Charlestown.  We enjoyed walking  through the Charlestown Navy Yard and seeing the USS Constitution.  Originally launched in 1797, it is the oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat.

Our next stop was Warren Tavern, named after Doctor Joseph Warren.  Dr. Warren drafted the Suffolk Resolves, a copy of which his good friend Paul Revere delivered to the First Continental Congress who endorsed it on September 17, 1774.  It was Doctor Warren who sent Paul Revere and William Dawes on their messenger rides to Lexington on the evening of April 18, 1775.

Unfortunately, Dr. Warren died during the Battle of Bunker Hill.  But the tavern where he and his friends often gathered now sports his name.

Here we had a couple draft beers and enjoyed the historic atmosphere.  The inside of Warren Tavern has barely changed in 200 years.

A short walk from Warren Tavern and we find ourself back in the North End.  Our next stop would be Boston’s oldest pizzeria, with an oven from 1883.

Since 1926, Regina Pizzeria has been greeting guests in the North End of Boston.  The brick oven used was originally built in 1888, making the flavor of the crust quite original.   There is nothing like a brick oven pizza and Regina Pizzeria makes one of the best we’ve ever had.

On any given day, there is a line out the door and down the block of patrons waiting to get into the restaurant.  For that reason, we had take out on the tour and ate it in a local park.

It is definitely worth a trip back!

Our tour wrapped up in the Green Dragon Tavern, known as the oldest tavern in America, and the ‘Headquarters of the Revolution.’ Other than the electric lights, this building had not changed in over 200 years!

And you never know just who you might run into?

We highly recommend the Boston Pizza and Beer Tour for those that would love a taste of Old Boston.  The company offers several different historic pizza tours.  Tickets run from $39 to $69 a piece depending upon which tour.  Totally worth it!

We can’t wait to go back.  Dave wants more Cannolis.


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6 thoughts on “Boston Pizza and Beer Tour!”

  1. What a great blog entry. Nothing like New England pizza!

    Suggest you check out Lipinski’s farm stand in Hanson, they have the best fresh sweet corn on the cobb and other great veggies they have been around for 60+ years. It was a regular stop of our when we were there last summer.

    Enjoy your time in Massachusetts!

  2. Now this one brings memories back for me. I love Boston. Thank you for sharing this, and you two look like you enjoyed it too 🙂
    Have fun, and stay safe.

  3. Wow!!!! That looks like an awesome tour. The pizza looks yummy! This blog entry makes me want to go back to Boston and see all those places now, ha ha.

  4. I lived in Fitzwilliam NH for 25 years and New England has many wonderful places to visit. I am sure Beer and Pizza in Boston was delicious. Thanks for sharing. Boston is full of history and great seafood as well.

  5. I live in the UK and have been following your tour with great interest. How wonderful to live in such a big country with all its varied places. You are certainly making the most of it. I have travelled round the UK but it is sooooo small !!

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