Boston Pizza and Beer Tour!

Well, we’ve been in the Boston Cape Cod area for about a month now.  Life has been busy and with a full time job at the campground, we are still managing to get out once a week to see the area. The beaches are incredibly crowded this time of year and we will have to wait until September to truly check them out.

In the meantime, we decided to get a first hand look at the City of Boston with a fun Boston Pizza and Beer Tour.  Because I simply can’t think of too many things better than pizza and beer.  What a great way to check out Boston!

According to the locals, the best way to get around Boston is by subway.  The rail system through the city is quite extensive and is a great way to avoid traffic, honking cars and irate drivers.

It may be my imagination, but it seems like everyone here is a very aggressive driver.  Stop signs are just suggestions, cross walks mean take your life in your hands, and they just love to honk horns.

So with that in mind, we took the red line into Boston.  Our destination was North Boston, the oldest part of the city.  Parking at the subway station was just $7 for the day and two round tip tickets was about $11.

Our destination?  The North End!

The North End, Boston’s oldest neighborhood, was settled in 1630. It is also known as Little Italy, and Italian is still spoken in the streets.  Visitors flock to the North End largely to eat. Within the 1 square mile of The North End, there are around 100 restaurants and bakeries to choose from.

There was a huge Farmers Market which made me instantly wish I had brought the car rather than taken the subway.  Prices were amazing and the fruits and vegetables were beautiful.

We would definitely be back another time with the car.

We were told to check out Bova Bakery.  And of course had to buy a couple of Cannolis.  I mean, how can you walk by a bakery and not stop?

Bova Bakery is actually open 24 hours, so if you get a hankering for a Cannoli or baked good in the middle of the night, they have your back.

The North  End was beautiful.  Not only was there lots of historic buildings to see, but a new park with fountains and a carousel.

After looking around a bit, we met up with our guide for the Pizza and Beer Tour.

The Boston Pizza and Beer Tour is a walking tour that takes you through the North End, Charlestown Navy Yard and the Blackstone block.

On the tour, we would get to eat pizza at three different pizza places and stop at three different historic taverns.   A scenic ferry ride across the harbor is also included.  The walk would be about 4 miles long, and our guide, Nicole, would fill us in along the way on local history and fun facts.

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6 thoughts on “Boston Pizza and Beer Tour!”

  1. What a great blog entry. Nothing like New England pizza!

    Suggest you check out Lipinski’s farm stand in Hanson, they have the best fresh sweet corn on the cobb and other great veggies they have been around for 60+ years. It was a regular stop of our when we were there last summer.

    Enjoy your time in Massachusetts!

  2. Now this one brings memories back for me. I love Boston. Thank you for sharing this, and you two look like you enjoyed it too 🙂
    Have fun, and stay safe.

  3. Wow!!!! That looks like an awesome tour. The pizza looks yummy! This blog entry makes me want to go back to Boston and see all those places now, ha ha.

  4. I lived in Fitzwilliam NH for 25 years and New England has many wonderful places to visit. I am sure Beer and Pizza in Boston was delicious. Thanks for sharing. Boston is full of history and great seafood as well.

  5. I live in the UK and have been following your tour with great interest. How wonderful to live in such a big country with all its varied places. You are certainly making the most of it. I have travelled round the UK but it is sooooo small !!

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