Boston Pizza and Beer Tour!

Our first stop was Ernesto’s Pizzeria.  They have been voted Boston’s Best, multiple times!

The restaurant was very small inside (something that is common in this part of town).  But the display of pizza to choose from was amazing! Ernesto’s has a lot of fun with toppings, serving pizzas such as the shrimp scampi (white pizza topped with shrimp sauteed in garlic oil, plus mozzarella and scallions, and the cheeseburger (special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, tomatoes, and hamburger).

One thing to remember when going to Ernesto’s is that the size of a single slice of pizza is actually a quarter of an extra large pizza.  Huge.

Dave was cool with that, though.

We hit the pavement again, Nicole leading us to our next stop, a few blocks away- Modern Pastry.  A bakery you say?

Well certainly!  And you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful display of desserts!  But Modern Pastry has a little secret.  Downstairs is a pub and pizza place!

Here we enjoyed a fresh Margarita Pizza and some good beer.

Yes, this tour was definitely a great idea!

We then walked a few blocks to the Ferry.

It is a short, scenic ferry ride to the historic Long Wharf. Along the way, you can get great photos of the city skyline, the steeple of Old North Church, Fan Pier and the Old State House — the oldest public building still standing in Boston.

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6 thoughts on “Boston Pizza and Beer Tour!”

  1. What a great blog entry. Nothing like New England pizza!

    Suggest you check out Lipinski’s farm stand in Hanson, they have the best fresh sweet corn on the cobb and other great veggies they have been around for 60+ years. It was a regular stop of our when we were there last summer.

    Enjoy your time in Massachusetts!

  2. Now this one brings memories back for me. I love Boston. Thank you for sharing this, and you two look like you enjoyed it too 🙂
    Have fun, and stay safe.

  3. Wow!!!! That looks like an awesome tour. The pizza looks yummy! This blog entry makes me want to go back to Boston and see all those places now, ha ha.

  4. I lived in Fitzwilliam NH for 25 years and New England has many wonderful places to visit. I am sure Beer and Pizza in Boston was delicious. Thanks for sharing. Boston is full of history and great seafood as well.

  5. I live in the UK and have been following your tour with great interest. How wonderful to live in such a big country with all its varied places. You are certainly making the most of it. I have travelled round the UK but it is sooooo small !!

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