5 Things to think about before becoming a Full Time RVer

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Living in a 400 square foot motor home isn’t for everyone.  When we made this decision about 2 years ago, we weren’t really sure what we were getting into.  All the planning for years in advance does not totally prepare you for the reality.  But we knew that any obstacles would be figured out on the fly.  I mean, you only live once, right?

So we jumped into it with both feet.  Now that two years are behind us, we are so glad we made this life-changing decision.  In an effort to keep things real and help out anyone else who is considering this lifestyle, here are 5 things to think about before you hit the road.

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Downsizing is pretty painful

In order to fit your life into 400 square feet, you have to decide which possessions you can and cannot live without.  Unfortunately, many of them will have to go, especially if your are a full timer that also sells their home like we did.  I have to say that many of our treasured belongings went to people that did not treasure them nearly as much as we did.


As I talked about in my earlier post “Never Say Free on Facebook“, the hardest thing about simpler living is learning to let go.

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What can you live without?  Well, sometimes it takes a little time to know.  We packed the bottom of our coach with those things we could not part with such as vintage books, golf clubs, various craft supplies and fabric.  We have reached the point now that we will be going through those things again.  What we haven’t used in the two years on the road will find a new place to live.  Downsizing is hard, but it really is freeing.

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Choose a coach with an all-weather package

Coaches are rated for living and traveling in various types of weather.  Unfortunately, that is something we did not know when we bought ours.  Ours is a bit shy on insulation and it really hates cold weather.  Which means that we spend a bit of time each year avoiding cold weather and just like the snowbirds, head south in the winter.


Even so, places such as Tucson can get cold in the winter.  This year we purchased an electric radiator to help keep the chill out.  But we still have to worry about pipes freezing.

It is best to choose an all weather unit to ensure that it will hold up to temperature differences and be comfortable no matter where you are.

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Choose a RV that works for your lifestyle

I have to say that love our washer and dryer.  I would never want to have to hang out at the laundromat once a week like many of our coworkers do.   We also love the large storage area under the coach.

When planning to hit the road consider what is important to you.  What conveniences you really would love to have.  Because once you are out on the road, those things are not always as easy to come by.

Gadgets make life easier.  Be sure to check out my list of 10 Great Gadgets for the RVer.

Keep the clutter down to a roar

Living in tight quarters involves a bit of organization.  We have two people and two dogs in our coach.  Everything has a place.  Otherwise craziness will ensue.  I’m lying if I say that my RV is always organized, but each day I put in an effort to keep things down to a roar.

I am a professional crafter, and about half of the cabinets in our coach are designated for supplies.  Keeping things organized helps keep us both sane.

What is great is the fact that there is always that amazingly beautiful place right outside our front door to enjoy when things get a little tight inside.

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Keeping in touch with the rest of the world

I’ll tell you now, most campground wifi is not worth the effort.  Occasionally, you will find a good one, but for the most part, there are too many people trying to access it, too many people trying to stream videos and not enough signal to compensate.

We use our own data most commonly, but that involves having a decent phone signal.  We have actually turned down jobs where a phone signal was not existent.  Because of my websites, this is one area where I cannot compromise.

While life on the road full time can be a major adjustment, we took the chance and have never looked back!


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10 thoughts on “5 Things to think about before becoming a Full Time RVer”

  1. Hi Suzi, we just missed you in Tucson! We were there for a week staying at Lazy Days because we bought a new (to us) coach from them. We had a gas one which I hated with a passion so now it’s gone…yay! We spent the winter in Lake Havasu City and made the big decision there. We will be going home to sell everything and be full timers! We are thinking about buying a spot in the Havasu RV Resort where we stayed because we had so much fun! We are going to leave as soon as the grand kids start school in the fall so I will keep reading your blogs and maybe paths will cross! Anyway, wanted to know if you made all the pretty flowers and if there is a tutorial for them. They are gorgeous!! Happy travels. Janet

    1. Hi Janet!

      Sorry we missed you in Tucson! We had to head home to Atlanta due to the fact that our first grandchild is due any day now. We are sitting here at the edge of our seats waiting. My daughter says a watched pot never boils. LOL!

      Anyway, we did spend a bit of time in Lake Havasu City back in November. I do see what you love about the place. I would imagine it is pretty hot in the summer though. Congratulations on taking the leap into full time RVing! We have not regretted the decision at all and I’m betting you will be amazed at how freeing it is to hit the road.

      It is a small world out there, and we just might run across each other!

      Regarding the flowers, that photo was taken in Tubac, AZ. It is a wonderful town of local artisans. I hope to recreate something similar with my own spin on it soon!

  2. Hey Susan and David, I love reading about your experiences and I’m still across the street in your former neighborhood. I noticed a different auto in your photos instead of the little black Bug. It’s not exciting around here as it is in your life. I’m about to go out to eat with Mary Anne, her daughter Dawn and Nicole the granddaughter. No change around here except the new baby boy in your house across the street. Take care and stay safe. Liz Dalton

    1. Hi Liz!

      It is so good to hear from you! We will be in Atlanta until mid June, and plan to stop by and say hi one day soon. We are currently waiting for our first grandchild to arrive any day now.

      We traded our little bug in last year for the KIA Soul (Hamster-mobile). Believe it or not, it is actually roomier.

      Hope you are doing well. Tell MaryAnn that we said hi! We will plan to visit soon!

  3. Hi Suzie, where are you at in Atlanta area. We txd one time you asked about some places to stay with your RV. Just wondering if you found something nice. Has baby come yet?

    1. Hi Pam!

      We are staying in the Douglasville area. In my daughter’s driveway! LOL! Turns out that she has plenty of room for us. We are waiting on baby as we speak. She seems to be in pre-labor and we hope to have a new granddaughter by the end of the weekend.

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Keep in touch!

  4. Great post, Suzy. Completely agree on the liberating part of downsizing. We went through this when we moved overseas. Even though we have a storage unit through the company, we still had to decide what we really wanted with us for the next several years. You really learn what you can live without.

    1. Hi Bill!

      You all look like you are having a ball! I’ve been following along on your Facebook page. What an amazing experience!

      And yes, downsizing can be incredibly freeing. Once you get over the initial loss. It is funny how attached you can get to material things that really don’t matter in the long run. I still have paintings and photos and a few collectibles that my sister and daughter have kept for me. It was fun to run across them again displayed on their walls.

      We’ve been on the road for two years now and it is time to go through what we have stored in the compartments below our coach. Much of it has remained untouched for both years and we need to sort again and decide what is most important to keep and what can be left behind. It is a continual process, I guess.

      Hope you are doing well! We are waiting rather impatiently here for the birth of our first granddaughter. Any day now. Keep in touch!

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