jellystone campground bremen Georgia

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, Bremen, GA

three starsOverall Rating: Needs Work


Jellystone Park is located just off of I-20, about 45 minutes west of Atlanta in the town of Bremen, GA.  We chose this location because it was the closest campground to our house in Villa Rica.

jellystone campground bremen Georgia

We stayed here for about a week, but were busy dealing with an Estate Sale and a ton of packing at the house.  The majority of our days were spent running around and we didn’t get to enjoy Jellystone as much as we would liked to have.

Fortunately, we had one day of relative leisure to stop and look around.

two starsSetting: We would love to be able to give better scores here, because the staff was wonderful.  However, truth be known, it left much to be desired.  No pretty views, lots of gravel and red mud, uneven lots, and red ant hills.  Many of the folks staying there (about 60%) were living there full time.  Which means many campers in poor repair and lots of clutter.

jellystone campground bremen Georgia

The park consists of a central building which houses a game room, office, laundry room and restrooms.  The camping lots are placed in a large circle around the central building.

Notes:  All pads are gravel. Many are very uneven.  They have chosen to add additional gravel in some areas to try and level the sites, but in some cases it resulted in a pile of gravel on one end of the pad, creating a huge drop when you would want to exit your camper.

Red Ants!  True it is a Georgia problem, but they can be controlled if kept at bay.  We had to constantly be aware so that the dogs wouldn’t get into a hill of ants.  For those that are not familiar, red ants are rather vicious and have a painful bite.

Roads leading to the campsites have many grates and drainage ditches, causing issues while trying to maneuver a large rig with a car in tow.

Trains!  Although it is no fault of the campground, it is important to note that they are near a very active railroad track.  I grew up listening to train whistles and sleep heavy, so it didn’t bother me, but the husband wakes easily.  Trains go through about once an hour all night.

jellystone campground bremen Georgia5


four starsBathrooms were clean, but access was limited.  You need a key code to get in.  Apparently they have issues with folks smoking in them as there were warning signs all over.

five starsWIFI- The park offers it for free and while it might be different during peak times, I never had an issue getting on line.

four starsLaundry- They have a nice laundry room available 24 hours a day.  Again, access is only with an individual key code.

five starsActivities- Where this campground may suffer regarding scenery, it definitely has lots of plusses where activities are concerned.  They have a splashpark, large kiddie pool, and huge swimming pool.  They offer a gameroom, gem mining, horseshoes, mini-golf, pedal carts and three playgrounds.

jellystone campground bremen Georgia5

Animals!  Including huge turtles, alligators, chickens, miniature horses, and lizards.  They even offer a reptile show on the weekends to entertain the kids, along with wagon rides and train rides.

jellystone campground bremen Georgia5

Oh, and there are two talking parrots on either side of the entrance to the main building that are happy to greet you.

five starsStaff is very friendly and helpful when needed.  We were delayed twice getting there, and they were very helpful with our reservations.  They seem great with kids. In true Yogi Bear form, every one of them had name badges with “Ranger” in front of their name.  Cute.

one starDog Friendly– I have to say for such a kid friendly and animal oriented park, I was surprised at how little they had for dogs.  No dog park.  No doggie waste cans.  No doggie waste bags available.  Literally very little area to walk your dogs unless you wanted to walk along the road.  Not cool, really.  Especially when I’m having to dodge red ants along the way.

jellystone campground bremen Georgia5


The positives?  If you have children, they will love this place!  Lots for them to do!  In fact, I’ve never seen a park with so much to offer for the kids.

However, if you are looking for a view, have dogs and no children ; you may want to look elsewhere.

In the area and don’t feel like cooking?  We recommend The Chat and Chew for a wonderful breakfast, and Evans Barbeque for a fabulous lunch or dinner!  Both restaurants are located in the nearby town of Villa Rica.

For more information on Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Bremen, be sure to check out their website!

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