bearizona and grand canyon deer farm

Wild Arizona- Bearizona and Grand Canyon Deer Farm

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Grand Canyon Deer Farm

bearizona and grand canyon deer farm

Love deer?  Love a whole ton of deer at one time?

The Grand Canyon Deer Farm has been in business since 1969.  This local attraction is a favorite stop for visitors of all ages.  Just be prepared for the onslaught of very friendly deer.

One cup of deer treats does not go very far.  In fact, we didn’t make it but 5 feet inside their enclosure before we were swarmed with deer.  Be sure to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty as the deer will chew on food, lick your fingers and munch on your clothing.

bearizona and grand canyon deer farm

Once the treats are gone, they move onto the next guest.  Well, except for this little white deer who tells Dave what he thinks about an empty cup.


Randy and Pat George, the current owners, bought the deer farm in 1987.  Since then they have expanded both the store and the animal population, adding reindeer, talking birds, wallabies, coatimundi, marmosets, mini cattle, bison and even a camel!

bearizona and grand canyon deer farm

So how did a camel get in a deer farm?  One only can guess.  But this camel is famous for giving kisses.

bearizona and grand canyon deer farm

In fact, she was partial to Dave.  Seems that she loves facial hair.  He didn’t even have to have a carrot in his mouth to get a big ol’ smooch from her.

It’s not every day that you get kissed by a camel, is it?

We highly recommend both parks if you are in the Williams area!  Plan a day for Bearizona and a half day for Grand Canyon Deer Farm.  And tell the camel that Dave said Hi.



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8 thoughts on “Wild Arizona- Bearizona and Grand Canyon Deer Farm”

  1. What a great experience Suzy and it all looks so interesting. I don`t know who was having more fun, you and Dave or the animals 🙂 I think you all were. Thanks for sharing .

    1. Hi Heather!

      We do love the animals, that’s for sure! It is so much fun taking a “mini” vacation every week and seeing what there is to see!

  2. Hi Suzy,
    We have been to both places and couldn’t agree with you more. We had a great time and learned a lot as well. Enjoy your travels!

  3. I went to Grand Canyon last year and never heard of either of these places. I so now want to go back just to see them. Especially the camel. How fun. I love your sharing the places you see.

    1. Hi Judi!
      One of the great things about staying in an area and work camping is the fact that you get to look at the area as the locals do. And take your time looking. It helps me to show those that are just passing by some of the parts that they might want to check out. If you ever get a chance to come back, be sure to check out the camel. She was amazing!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. I lived in Cottonwood for 3 yrs. Next time I visit my sis I’ll sure visit both parks. Love your traveling sitcom and crafts.

    1. Hi Dottie!

      Thank you so much for your kind words! And Cottonwood! Well we took the motorcycle through there about a month ago. It was 110 degrees in the shade. The hottest I’ve ever experienced. We got to Jerome and the temp went down to 100 and it felt fabulous! LOL!

      Maybe we will run into each other one day. It is a small world out there!


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