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West Quoddy Lighthouse and life at the campground

Every now and then we actually get a day off!  LOL!  So last week we took the motorcycle out on a beautiful summer day and did the two and a half hour drive up the coast to Lubec, ME.

lubec maine

Why Lubec?

Well, this particular town interested us for two reasons.  One, it is the home of the beautiful West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.  But even more interesting, Lubec is the easternmost town in the contiguous United States.  Since we have already been to Key West (the southern most point); it seemed fitting!

Lubec is a quaint fishing town.  Small, but beautiful, located along the Bay of Fundy at the top most point of the US east coast.

lubec maine

See that land over there?  That is Canada!  Unfortunately, Dave has allowed his passport to expire, so we did not cross into Canada as much as we would have liked to.

On the other side of that bridge is the island of Campobello.  Among other things, it is famous as being the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  He spent his summers there as a child and used it as a summer retreat until 1939.

lubec maine

At the mouth of the Lubec Narrows, the Mulholland Point Lighthouse is part of Roosevelt International Park.  Although the lighthouse is not open to the public, you are allowed to walk around the structure.  (That is if you have a passport).  LOL!

west quoddy lighthouse

And then we found West Quoddy Head Lighthouse!  So beautiful against the backdrop of the Bay of Fundy.

And speaking of the Bay of Fundy.  Did you know that it has the highest tidal range in the world?  The upper basins of the Bay of Fundy have peak tidal ranges of around 50 feet- five times higher than typical tides on the rest of the Atlantic coast.

We didn’t get to see this phenomenon.  The passport thing.  DAVE. 🙂

west quoddy lighthouse But we were able to spend lots of time at the lighthouse.  West Quoddy Head was originally built in 1808, and automated in 1988.  The 50-step iron stair in the tower is still used by the U.S. Coast Guard, which is responsible for maintaining the light.

west quoddy lighthouse

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, overlooks Sail Rock, the easternmost point of land in the continental United States.  Beautiful.

oceanside bar harbor

Back at camp, we have been enjoying days off with our coworkers.  Beautiful sunsets and good times.   We are so glad we made this life change!

We were hired last week by St. Petersburg KOA in Florida for the winter season!  We are excited to be back on the road.  We will be leaving Bar Harbor in early October and heading south for the winter.

oceanside bar harbor

This is one of my coworkers, Allison.  She and her partner, Kate, have become good friends that we hope to continue to keep in touch with when we leave in October.  They will also be headed to Florida, but a different part of the state.

bangor fair

When we do leave here, we are going to remember some of the things that you only see here in Maine.  Things like Lobstah rolls at McDonalds…

berries in maine

Berries everywhere you look!  Soon to be fresh blueberry cheesecake and raspberry pie!  I’m putting together recipes in my head as we speak!

how to eat a lobster in bar harbor maine

Lobster dinners everywhere!

oceanside koa

Lobster fishermen.

Oh wait.  that is just Dave in his “old man” rain gear.  He believes in blending in.

When in Maine, do as the Main’ers.  Right?

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6 thoughts on “West Quoddy Lighthouse and life at the campground”

  1. I’ve heard that the locals drive a bit strange up there and that they’re refered to as “Maineiacs”. Safe travels on your route south and congratulations on the completion of your first “tour of duty”. Hope we can cross paths on your way to St. Pete.

    Neil & Yoly

  2. That sure is a beautiful lighthouse and you couldn’t have asked for a prettier day. Love the picture of Dave in his “Morton fisherman” gear! LOL I can’t wait to have ya’ll home for a bit and I’m glad you will be much closer for the Winter season at least.

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