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The Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock Arkansas

We left from Bremen, GA on Sunday.  Timing was not the best as it literally poured down rain on us the whole way to Little Rock, AR.  A stressful nine hour drive for Dave, that is for sure.

And it took constant diligence to keep mud from being tracked into the RV every time we stopped for a doggy bathroom break.  I’m learning quickly how to juggle two dogs and an umbrella.  It was a long day.

little rock arkansas

It was incredibly nice to wake up the next morning to a beautiful spring day in Little Rock!

little rock arkansas

I had to get some photos of the flowering cherry trees.  Love these, but they only last a week so you have to enjoy them as quickly as you can!

little rock arkansas

We toured a bit of North Little Rock and ate at a small sandwich and pizza place .  I took a nice photo of Dave.

little rock arkansas

He reciprocated with a terrible shot of me.

Well naturally.

little rock arkansas

We discovered the nearby Arkansas River Trail and decided to do a bit of walking.  Well, to be honest, this sign totally caught our eye.  Did you know that they have a Big Dam Bridge in Arkansas?

We love dams.  It gives us an excuse to put the word dam in everything we say.  I imagine the Big Dam Bridge crosses the Big Dam River.  And maybe there is a dam store there that sells dam hotdogs with big dam bags of chips.   Dammit.

Arkansas river trail map

The Arkansas River Trail runs through Little Rock and North Little Rock, connecting 38 parks, six museums and 5,000+ acres of federal, state and local parkland. The loop is an impressive 88 miles, runs largely along both sides of the Arkansas River and is nicely paved.

It was quite popular too!  Tons of hikers, cyclists, skaters, joggers were out and about there.  Impressively busy for a Monday afternoon!

little rock arkansas

Ever the adventurists, we put on our hiking shoes and trekked the 88 miles, checked out the Big Dam Bridge, and had a dam good time.

Well…maybe not the whole 88 miles.  I think we put in a mile and half, but who is counting, right?

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5 thoughts on “The Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock Arkansas”

  1. I’m really enjoying your posts. It’s almost like I’m on the trip with you guys, he he. Love the flowering cherry trees too.

  2. We are really enjoying this! We are Canadians who live in New Brunswick (east coast) and are planning a trip across the mid-states starting in August until ?? We are retired also and enjoy the road tremendously. We’ve done all the lower states up to California and also a lot of the Northern states. We’ve also done all of Canada. We both have beautiful countries and wonderful people! Until next time, Safe travels.

    1. Hi Yvonne!

      Wow! We can’t wait to see the places you’ve already been! Since we will be spending the next six months in Bar Harbor, Maine, we will be on your side of the world.

      It is very exciting to not only visit beautiful areas in the US and Canada, but to also meet others who are doing the same! Thanks so much for following along, and hope to hear about your journeys too!


  3. Keep em coming. I Love to see pics when someone is traveling. I live in NC so it’s not that far from me. Love being on your trip with you.

    1. Hi Teri!

      Thanks so much for following along! We hope to show lots of great places for adventures while traveling. We took a trip up to Franklin, NC last summer and really enjoyed the area. Hope to find time to post really soon about that campground and area. Just beautiful country.


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