Taking a ski lift up into the clouds…

We work five days a week with two days off right now.  So on those two days, we like to become tourists and visit something fun in the area.

living in our rv williams arizona

I mean, who wants to stay in the RV all day?

Fortunately, there is so much to choose from around here that I doubt we will have a single weekend without some place new to see.

san francisco peaks flagstaff arizona

This photo was taken in May, shortly after we got here.  We were very surprised to see snow capped mountains right in our back yard. This mountain range is called The San Francisco Peaks.

The tallest mountain in the range, Humphreys Peak, is the highest point in the state of Arizona at 12,633 feet in elevation.

san francisco peaks flagstaff arizona

We took a ride out to the Arizona Snowbowl, a ski resort located on the San Francisco Peaks.   Opened in 1938, the Arizona Snowbowl is one of the longest running resorts in the West having been open for 75 years.


You see, we heard that they will take you up on the ski lift for a nominal fee.

And we totally couldn’t pass that up!
san francisco peaks flagstaff arizona

The chair lift officially opened for the summer right after Memorial Day.  We were very excited to check it out.

Dave and I were skiers in our younger days.  We choose not to break any bones at this stage in our lives, so we have to settle for a summer ski lift.  But I have to tell you, that it brought back great memories!

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4 thoughts on “Taking a ski lift up into the clouds…”

  1. I’m glad to see you are able to take in some of the sights. If you have a chance, take a trip down here to Tucson. We too have a diverse geography which goes from the desert floor to the ski lodge on MtLemon at around 8,000 feet. Plus we have a lot of historical sights. Enjoy your stay in Arizona.

    1. Hi Vickie!
      We will be in Tucson in November! We were hired to work the winter at Lazy Days KOA in Tucson. We are looking forward to checking out the area and will be sure to see as much as we can while we are there! Maybe we will cross paths! It certainly is a small world isn’t it?

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