Taking a break in Georgia

And more free time to craft!

I experimented with a kit to make sculptured casts of Esme’s hand.  The casting mix was cold and Esme wasn’t enjoying the process much as you can see above.  But the plastic mold hardened within minutes and we slid her tiny hand out and then filled the mold with plaster.


Here is the result!  A perfect plaster version of her tiny hand!  We will be putting it in a display along with photos and such for her parents to remember how small she was.  I should be featuring the full instructions soon on my other website, Suzy’s Sitcom!

I also created a bunch of new hot pads for my Etsy shop.

And more gossiping paisley chickens made from Arizona dried gourds.  You can find these and much more in my Etsy shop!

In other news, Ralph and Faith have been getting along well with my daughter’s three dogs.  Yes, that means there are currently five dogs at my feet.

Ralph gave us a scare a few weeks ago.  He managed to get something in one of his newly healed eyes.  We came home one night to find him squinting and one eye was totally gray.  After spending over $5000 on him last fall for eye surgery, we were naturally freaked out.

Turned out that he somehow scratched his cornea.  He has since healed and looks totally normal again.

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.

Here are a few more baby photos, just in case you missed the earlier one…

Yep.  We are some doting grandparents.  My phone has been over-run with baby photos.

Our current plan is to hit the road on June 20.  Yes, it is just a few weeks away.  Craziness.

It has been so fun to visit with family here.  In the photo at the top of the post is just part of the line up including my mother, aunts, uncles, both my daughters and their husbands.  We will be back soon, but in the meantime, we have to build back up our cash reserves.

Our next destination is Cape Cod KOA in Massachusetts.  We will be working at the campground and visiting the local area until mid October.

After that, I have some opportunities on the horizon that will make it possible to travel more and work less in the summer.  It is a whole different version of work camping that I will share with you as it develops!

Stay tuned!


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5 thoughts on “Taking a break in Georgia”

  1. Congratulations on the new little grandbaby 🙂 It looks like you’re enjoying Georgia very much. Yoly and I finally made it to Canada and Yoly is suitably blown away by the immense beauty of British Columbia and Alberta. She had her first taste of genuine Canadian fish & chips for lunch today and she wasn’t disappointed 🙂 We’ve been without internet for quite some time so I’m a bit behind on my little daily slideshows 🙂 Hope you have a safe journey up to Cape Cod and find a pleasant camp owner 🙂

  2. Lovely baby photos – you can’t have too many as the little darlings change and grow so quickly. And it is so nice to see the family photo too. AS for the plaster cast of the baby’s hand – well done, although not accomplished without a few tears. I have seen baby’s footprints done in plaster before – have you also thought of that?

  3. How wonderful you’ve had a break to spend quality time with family!

    Small world indeed we workamped all last summer at Boston Cape Cod KOA!

    Be sure had eat at Harry’s in Middleboro and at Grille 58 in Halifax. Amazing food in Massachusetts area. Don’t miss whale watching with Capt John out of Plymouth.

    Good luck with your upcoming gig and safe travels.

  4. Hi guys your granddaughter is beautiful! It’s going to be hard to leave her. Georgia has so many pretty places to visit especially up in N Ga. Wish you could have come to Cartersville on bike we could have shown you some of them. Take care and have safe trip back up North..

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