Taking a break in Georgia

It has been family time in Georgia for the past three months.  I cannot believe that time has passed so quickly.  When we showed up here at the end of March, there weren’t even leaves on the trees.

Now we are in mid summer.  The coach has been parked in my daughter’s driveway snug as a bug, waiting for us to take on our next adventure.  But I have to say that this adventure here has been exciting also!

I mean, just look at the nice backyard that we have gotten to enjoy this summer!

My daughter was concerned that we would have a bit of trouble getting used to living in a regular home for a few months.  So, they prepared a nice little apartment in the basement of their home for us.  We have been quite comfortable here.


We have the coach right nearby if we need anything, and are able to plug the refrigerator into an outside outlet.  A perfect spot for a few months visit.

Of course, this post will be peppered with baby photos.  The main reason for our visit was our new granddaughter, Esme.  She was born on April 20.

Being grandparents has been a wonderful experience.  Esme is good-natured (with the exception of the occasional evening tantrum), and such a beautiful little girl.

We will miss her so much when we hit the road again.  Life changes sometimes make for even more life changes.  We will roll with it and be visiting Georgia much more often than we have in the past couple of years.

The great thing about our lifestyle is that we are (for the most part), free to decide where and when we will be living.

So what have we been doing these past three months besides loving on that baby?

Well, of course we needed to check out some of our local favorite places to eat.  I mean, you gotta eat, right?  There is nothing better on a hot Georgia day than a raspberry chocolate chip shake from Steak ‘N Shake.

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5 thoughts on “Taking a break in Georgia”

  1. Congratulations on the new little grandbaby 🙂 It looks like you’re enjoying Georgia very much. Yoly and I finally made it to Canada and Yoly is suitably blown away by the immense beauty of British Columbia and Alberta. She had her first taste of genuine Canadian fish & chips for lunch today and she wasn’t disappointed 🙂 We’ve been without internet for quite some time so I’m a bit behind on my little daily slideshows 🙂 Hope you have a safe journey up to Cape Cod and find a pleasant camp owner 🙂

  2. Lovely baby photos – you can’t have too many as the little darlings change and grow so quickly. And it is so nice to see the family photo too. AS for the plaster cast of the baby’s hand – well done, although not accomplished without a few tears. I have seen baby’s footprints done in plaster before – have you also thought of that?

  3. How wonderful you’ve had a break to spend quality time with family!

    Small world indeed we workamped all last summer at Boston Cape Cod KOA!

    Be sure had eat at Harry’s in Middleboro and at Grille 58 in Halifax. Amazing food in Massachusetts area. Don’t miss whale watching with Capt John out of Plymouth.

    Good luck with your upcoming gig and safe travels.

  4. Hi guys your granddaughter is beautiful! It’s going to be hard to leave her. Georgia has so many pretty places to visit especially up in N Ga. Wish you could have come to Cartersville on bike we could have shown you some of them. Take care and have safe trip back up North..

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