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Saying goodbye to Atlanta!

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It has been a rough couple weeks.  We finally managed to sell all of our belongings and even survived a free Facebook free-for-all.   As tough as it was paring ourselves down to only the RV and what is in it, the hardest part was leaving friends and family behind.

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You know, saying goodbye is hard.  Even though we know that the world is much smaller these days with the internet and cell phones.  Everyone is just a touch of a keypad away.  But I will miss hugging my family.

Now that this dream of ours is a reality; seems that reality has a few drawbacks.

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We got together at the Hil Restaurant in Serenbe in Palmetto, GA, for a family get together the day before we left town.  This unique restaurant offers a diverse menu, guided heavily by produce from Serenbe Organic Farm located just around the corner.  It is owned and operated by Chef Hilary White and her husband Jim White.

We highly recommend it if you are in the south Atlanta area and looking for a memorable meal.  Our girls group did a Sunday brunch there about a month ago and I have to tell you, the Chef’s Cinnamon Roll is amazing!

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While we were there, my daughter showed off a photo of her wedding gown!  She will be getting married in early November.  We just love our future son-in-law and look forward to being back in Georgia in time for Dave to walk her down the aisle!

wedding dress photo

See, don’t they look great together?

A group of family, led by my sister, are also planning on coming to Maine to visit us in June.  They already have flights arranged and a rental house booked.  And apparently they also booked a lobster boat tour because you certainly can’t visit Maine without a lobster boat tour!

Just saying.

It will be fun showing them around our new temporary “home”!

atlanta georgia highway travel2

In the meantime, we leave Atlanta behind and begin heading north.  I can tell you one thing, we will not miss the traffic!  We had delayed a day leaving due to weather.  This time of year in the south is generally stormy.  Something about April rains bringing May flowers.  Right?

Yeah.  We are already tired of the rain.  And a bit tired of cleaning red Georgia mud out of my white RV.

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The dogs settled into traveling pretty quickly.  They love their new envelope dog bed that I made them, and sleep at my feet the entire trip.

Our trip to Statesville, NC took about six hours.  Unfortunately, that is about an hour longer than it should have.  An accident just north of Charlotte had us in stop and go traffic for the last 30 miles of our trip.

And we thought we had left traffic behind in Atlanta!

We were very glad to roll into the Statesville, NC KOA just before dark.

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And here the journey begins!

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8 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Atlanta!”

  1. Well this is an adventure my hunbuns and I were going to do as well but it just didn’t work out so we decided we’ll enjoy it through your blog! Be sure to take lots of pictures!!! lol

  2. Hey Suzy;
    I am so very Happy for you Both.
    I enjoy reading about all of your Adventures!
    I can not wait to see more Photos, and read about your trips.
    Take Care 🙂

    1. Hi Sunny!

      Thank you so much! We have just crossed the line into Maine and I will have photos on line soon. Stay tuned!!


  3. Suzy, It’s such a pleasure to keep up with you and David as you are living your dream. Looking forward to your posts. Stay safe!

    1. Hi Liz!

      It is so good to hear from you! Hope everything is good at home!

      We just crossed the Maine state line this morning with our end destination (for this leg of our journey) in sight. It is beautiful here- and a little chilly! LOL!

      Thank you so much for following along!


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