A Review of 2016 on the Road

We left Atlanta in April of 2015 for a life on the road.  Over the past nearly 2 years, we have enjoyed lots of great sights, met lots of fun people and experienced living in a 400 square foot “tiny home” with 2 dogs and one bathroom.

And this is just the beginning!

santa fe new mexico
Santa Fe, NM

We get asked a lot if we will ever settle down again in a regular home.  At this point in time, we have no plans for that.  We have absolutely no regrets.  We love our new roaming lifestyle and the fact that as we work-camp across the country, we get to actually experience each area as the locals do.

traveling in amarillo texas
Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX

With the year 2017 on the horizon, I wanted to do a review of the past year on the road along with some of the trials and tribulations that went along with it.

Many ask about our financials, so I will go into that a bit, along with a few things we have learned and experienced as we traveled this year.

traveling in amarillo texas

Total Mileage this year

We began our year working in St. Petersburg, FL at the St. Petersburg KOA.  Our job ended there near the end of March.  Our next job would begin around May 1 in Williams, AZ, but we needed to make an extended stop in Atlanta due to health issues with our dog, Ralph.


Our route took us to Orlando, a short pit stop in our favorite campground on Tybee Island, then onto Atlanta for a total of 633 miles.


route to williams

We then traveled westward through Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and finally Williams, AZ, right near the Grand Canyon.  This was a total of  1,798 miles.


Our job in Williams ended on October 31 and our job in Tucson began on November 15.  We took the long way with a detour through Laughlin, NV and Lake Havasu City, AZ, adding another     520 miles.

Grand total miles on the coach for 2016 was 2,951 miles.

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5 thoughts on “A Review of 2016 on the Road”

  1. Very neat post and I made it into a picture!!! LOL, Ya’ll have had some amazing adventures and it’s just the beginning! Can’t wait to have ya’ll home for a while though.

  2. Oh, oh, that first grand baby is going to make it hard for you and Dave to leave! My husband and I took care of the 2 youngest grand babies everyday until they both started school. Now we are free for the winter so we leave and travel in our RV. In fact, we just missed each other in Tucson! Maybe one day we will meet! We are in Lake Havasu for the winter. We are also loving the RV life too!

  3. Congrats on the new grandbaby on its way! Your RV life amuses and interests me. Sounds like something I’d like to do if hubby would hurry up and retire. After you become a grandmother, be sure to drop by our Blogging Grandmothers Link Party 🙂 Until then, would love to have you party with some awesome bloggers at my Wednesday AIM Link Party 🙂

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