Life is full of big decisions

Life is full of big decisions.  Especially when you have children. What school do I put them in?  Which doctor should I choose?  Should I put them in extra activities such as sports or music even if they really aren’t a fan? Do they really need that new video game? What is the best decision to make to protect them?

Every decision that I made during those formative years was a tough one, and while I don’t think I did a horrible job, there are some things that I really wouldn’t mind a “do over” on.

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Since my girls have grown up and moved out, the house has become a lot quieter.  Sometimes that is a good thing, as now my husband and I can relax in an un-drama-fied environment.

If you are familiar with raising girls, then I’m sure you are familiar with the drama.  Every day was a new episode of their own personal reality show.  While my life is a sitcom, theirs were more of a daytime soap opera with lots of angst, a bit of dramatic story line and many episodes of just plain old teenage turmoil.

My little sitcom pales in comparison to their daily theatrical melodrama.

And yes, they did grow up to be beautiful, happy individuals.  Do we miss them?  Absolutely!  The drama?  No way.

Now we are free to do what we want, when we want.  My schedule revolves around my schedule and nobody else’s.  If we wanted to run around the house naked, we could certainly do it!

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…Well, actually, I don’t really want to frighten the dogs.  They are a bit high strung already.  But the point is, if we wanted to, we certainly could!

A few months ago, we announced that we were finally at the point that the full-time RV lifestyle was a certainty.  This plan was five years in the making.  So, it shouldn’t have been a surprise to the girls when we told them the house is now on the market and we are getting ready to go.  But I think both girls thought we were just having big dreams.

Drama ensued.

What would they do if they needed us for something?  Who could they depend on for help?  What if their car broke down?  What if they had a bad day and just needed someone to talk to?

Yep, maybe I protected them a bit too much.  Remember the do-over thing?

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Atlanta has been our home for most of the girl’s lives.  The oldest now lives in Oklahoma, but our youngest still lives in the Atlanta area.

While we love to be around family, we feel that we need to move on with our lives and separate ourselves from the corporate atmosphere, the daily commute, the crowds, and stress associated with living in and near a big city.

It is our dream to travel.

flock of geese traveling sitcom

We are looking forward to living in the moment.  We want to see the country first hand and enjoy traveling while we are still healthy enough to do so.  This crowd of geese is the closest I want to come to a traffic jam in the near future.

Fortunately with the ease of the internet and phone service, we can easily face-time them anytime they would like. Daily contact is now possible in this big world, made very simple with the internet.  I am grateful for that.

And there is the website thing. They can easily follow our journeys.  We would never be more than a phone call away.

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Ultimately, the girls are at the point where they need to establish their own lifestyles.  And they are doing that.  But I think that with mom and dad roaming around the country, they are forced to start being more self sufficient.

And that is a good thing.  While the mom in me wants to always protect them just as I did when they were children, I know that they need to learn to take good care of themselves.

After all, it will probably not be long before both of them have children of their own to protect.

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The beginning…

In June of 2010, my husband and I made a major life decision.  With the kids grown and gone,we were ready to begin a new chapter in our lives.  But we really weren’t sure what that change would be.

Both of us had jobs in the city.  I was an Executive Assistant in a huge corporation, and my husband was a Fleet Manager in another large company.  Both of us were tired of the major commute (an hour and a half each way).  Both of us were tired of our jobs; tired of city life; tired of the crowds.  Let’s face it, we were just plain tired.

We needed to come up with a new plan.

rv life camping traveling sitcom

I had just created the website, Suzy’s Sitcom.  A new blogger, I really didn’t realize the potential of a website with creative content.  But I tackled a blog like I tackle most things; head on and running.

My father always said that I could accomplish anything that I set my mind to.  If I truly believed that something would be a success, then it would be.

It was also at that time that my husband and I happened to see a television show that ultimately pointed us in the direction that we wanted to go.  It was a documentary about a young couple who bought a RV, sold their house and everything they owned and set out on the road to travel.  You can find their website here: Gone with the Wynns.

Our five year plan was set in motion.  We would be doing the same.  We just needed to follow the plan.  After all, anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

rv life camping traveling sitcom

So here we are four and a half years later.  The Sitcom is a successful website, generating enough income for us to begin to make the big move.

We have already purchased the RV, the house is on the market, an estate sale is on the near horizon, and we are setting out for Bar Harbor, ME around the first week of April.

rv life camping traveling sitcom

We will be working for KOA for our first season as work campers until we feel strong enough financially to go it alone.

And we are so excited to start!

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