Northern Arizona and the Grand Canyon!

We are currently living and working at the Circle Pines KOA in Williams, AZ.  We arrived here about a month ago and were assigned a spot in the center of the campground.

I have to say that in our work camping career so far, this site is the best that we have had!  It includes trees, a nice size yard (even when campers are around us), a huge fire pit and lots of flat space to store the motorcycle!

appreciating the grand canyon

We love this laid back campground!  It is a lot smaller than Bar Harbor, and St. Petersburg.  With just 20 cabins, and about 150 pull through sites, it is not only pleasant to live here, but working behind the counter is that much easier.

We will be here until October 31, which gives us plenty of time to explore the area and take in all that we can.

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And Circle Pines also owns a Go Cart track, putting a little variety into our work routines!

So why did we choose northern Arizona for the summer?  Well, there were several reasons.  At about 7000 feet above sea level, this area of the country does not get extreme heat in the summer.  In fact, evenings are jacket weather!

But the biggest draw of the area has to be The Grand Canyon.  Since neither one of us had ever seen it before, this area of the country was on our “bucket list”.

The Grand Canyon National Park

appreciating the grand canyon

It is about a 60 mile drive from Williams to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  The drive is actually very interesting as you move from pine forests to dry desert land.   Keep an eye out for deer.  They are everywhere!

Along the way, you will find the occasional camper parked off the roadway.   You see in this area of the state, you can dry camp off road for as long as two weeks.

appreciating the grand canyon

Entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park is $30 per vehicle. Parking spaces are plentiful and even include areas for RVs and buses.


Once parked, you can either hike along the rim trail, or take free shuttles to restaurants, stores and view points along the South Rim.

appreciating the grand canyon

The canyon itself is absolutely breathtaking.  No photos or words actually do it justice.  You have to see it for yourself to understand the magnitude of this amazing Natural Wonder.

The Grand Canyon is about 277 miles long. At its widest point it is 18 miles wide. The average width is a distance about 10 miles. The average depth is about 1 mile.

Click here for more photos and info on the Grand Canyon!

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8 thoughts on “Northern Arizona and the Grand Canyon!”

  1. You’re not far from Sunset Crater and Wapatki National Monument. You can check out our videos from both places on our channel. They don’t allow anyone up to the top of Sunset Crater anymore having shut off access in 1978. I was one of the last lucky people who got to hike to the top and look into the crater. I was there in 1965 and again in 1970. You can see both places in a day if you’re efficient or spend a day at each place. The last time we were there in 2014 both locations were on the same access pass.

    1. Hi Neil and Yoly!
      We actually visited Sunset Crater and Wapatki National Monument last week when my sister and brother in law were in town! We will be writing about our adventure there soon! I just have to finish downloading all the photos. Yes, we did it in one loop and it took a full day. The temperature there was over 100 degrees, but the sights were just amazing. We particularly loved exploring the red stone ancient pueblos. You two really get around don’t you? LOL! Will go check out your videos!


  2. This place is definately on our bucket list – just hope we get there one day, but it’s a long way from where we live in New Zealand. Really enjoyed the attached video, thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your work time there, and your play and exploration in later months.

    1. Hi Jenny!
      We hope to get to New Zealand one day! I bet it is every bit as beautiful! Thanks so much for following along. Hope you summer is fabulous too!


  3. The Grand Canyon is definately a very serene place isn’t it. Machu Picchu has always been on my bucket list. I want to also walk the Incan trail. By the way, did you look for Bobby and Cindy while you were there? LOL

  4. The North Rim is very beautiful as well so try to check it out if you have not done so already. We just did the Escalante area and plan to visit Lake Powell in the summer. The unique places to visit out West are never-ending 🙂

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