Mt. Lemmon and life in Tucson

At about 7000 feet, we drove into the ponderosa pine forest.  This is the type of surroundings that we had become used to while living in Williams, AZ this past summer.  Williams sits at about 7200 feet above sea level.

In the photo above, we are looking north towards Phoenix.

And there is snow!

Even lots more snow as we neared the top of the mountain.  This is the quaint little town of Summerhaven.

Summerhaven is a popular tourist destination. Several small shops in Summerhaven attract visitors, including the Mount Lemmon General Store where you can get great home made fudge, and The Cookie Cabin, which offers homemade cookies and pizzas.

Summerhaven is a tiny town, with the last census reporting a total of 40 permanent residents.


Just a little further up the road, at the summit is Mount Lemmon Ski Valley which is known as the southernmost ski location in the United States.  It is reported that they receive as much as 200 inches of snow annually!

We weren’t disappointed.

Want to get back to the desert?  Well, it is just 27 miles away.  And it is all down hill!

If you are in the Tucson area, we recommend a drive on the scenic byway.  A beautiful way to enjoy all that Arizona has to offer.  The drive lifted our spirits and made life in Tucson a bit more enjoyable.


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7 thoughts on “Mt. Lemmon and life in Tucson”

  1. What a beautiful ride! Did you go on your bike? God has truly blessed us with a wonderful world. Sorry about the food gig. What happened? Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. When are you coming to Atlanta area

  2. Such wonderful views, and so interesting that the trees change as you drove higher. Sorry that things didn’t wwork out for you in the food service area – luckily you easily got a transfer back to your previous area of expertise.

  3. Hi Suzy,

    We are still planning our trip to AZ in March. Maybe you will be at the desk when we check in. If not I will certainly look you up. Would love to meet Dave, Ralph and Faith too!

  4. As always I love hearing about your life on the road and your work experiences . I’m glad you had another option when the kitchen job didn’t work out. That was a stunning sunset view.

  5. What a neat trip up the mountain!!!! We missed that one on our travels. I’m glad ya’ll found it. Pretty weird going from cactus to snow huh.

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