Mt. Lemmon and life in Tucson

As you can see by the sign above, we would begin at roughly 3000 feet and ascend to the peak at 9100 feet above sea level.  Every so many thousand feet up, the flora and fauna surrounding us would change.

This photo was taken at roughly 4000 feet in the desert grasslands.

At this point, we were about half way up the mountain.  The road contains many opportunities to pull off and take photos of the beautiful vistas.  If you look carefully in the center of the photo, you can see the road that we had already traveled on.  The city of Tucson is just past the hill in front of us.


Mt. Lemmon was named for botanist Sara Plummer Lemmon, who trekked to the top of the mountain with her husband and E. O. Stratton, a local rancher, by horse and foot in 1881.  

We can only imagine how exciting that trip was.  You can truly see for miles from most parts of the mountain.

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7 thoughts on “Mt. Lemmon and life in Tucson”

  1. What a beautiful ride! Did you go on your bike? God has truly blessed us with a wonderful world. Sorry about the food gig. What happened? Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. When are you coming to Atlanta area

  2. Such wonderful views, and so interesting that the trees change as you drove higher. Sorry that things didn’t wwork out for you in the food service area – luckily you easily got a transfer back to your previous area of expertise.

  3. Hi Suzy,

    We are still planning our trip to AZ in March. Maybe you will be at the desk when we check in. If not I will certainly look you up. Would love to meet Dave, Ralph and Faith too!

  4. As always I love hearing about your life on the road and your work experiences . I’m glad you had another option when the kitchen job didn’t work out. That was a stunning sunset view.

  5. What a neat trip up the mountain!!!! We missed that one on our travels. I’m glad ya’ll found it. Pretty weird going from cactus to snow huh.

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