Local Secrets of Tucson

Tubac, Arizona

It seems that the whole state of Arizona is just filled with artisans who create amazingly beautiful pieces.    If you love art, the little town of Tubac, located about an hour south of Tucson is worth a visit.

In the 1960’s Tubac became an art colony. Painter Dale Nichols opened an art school and restored some of Tubac’s historic buildings.   Since that time, many artists have learned their trades there.


And many are still there creating beautiful things.

If I didn’t live in a 400 square foot motorhome, this family of metal Javelinas would have found a new home.

Want to find something unique and beautiful?  Don’t miss Tubac!

Rooster Cogburn’s Ostrich Ranch

Located about an hour north of Tucson, Rooster Cogburn’s Ostrich Ranch is another must-see!  Here is a huge petting zoo featuring ostriches, donkeys, deer, goats, colorful birds, rabbits, ducks and much more!

What is unique about this place is that for a minimal fee, they supply you with feed and through signage, they instruct you on how and what to feed each animal.

The animals are used to being fed and all are friendly and waiting for you!

Here they supplied a stick with honey and seeds for the parakeets who all massed in a colorful display to strip my stick in a matter of minutes.


The ostriches will eat out of your hand if you dare.

The Rainbow Lorikeets turned out to be my favorite of all the exhibits.  These beautiful birds land on you and drink nectar out of a cup you hold.   We were literally covered in colorful, friendly birds.

A sign overhead stated that it is considered good luck to be pooped on by a Lorikeet.  Both of us managed to get out of the exhibit unscathed.  A minor miracle.

Next week, I will try to wrap up our stay in Tucson with a few more must sees.  Truly the state of Arizona has been an amazing experience for us.  We will miss the people, the beautiful landscapes and the unique experiences.


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3 thoughts on “Local Secrets of Tucson”

  1. Hi Suzy,

    I’m so sorry to hear that your job at Lazy Days did not work out. We have reservations there for Mar. 14 – 16 and I was looking forward to meeting you. But, that’s one of the great things about living in an RV. If things don’t work out in one place, you can just pick up and move to another! Maybe you will land in Colorado one day. I know you will love being around for the arrival of your grandchild too! Best of luck and safe travels!


    1. Hi Cheryl!
      I’m so sorry that we will not be able to meet up in Tucson. Honestly, we gave it as much time as we could. Every campground is different and this one in particular just does not mesh with us. It is not the work, and it is not the guests, and the campground itself is amazing. We loved the Tucson area and were sad to leave, but we have to do what is best for us. We got into this occupation as a break from the insanity of corporate jobs. We want a stress-free lifestyle and up until now had succeeded with that.
      So we quit and moved on. It is a small world out there and Colorado is on our bucket list. We just may meet up in the future!

  2. Wow! We’ve been to Tucson several times and missed all those things! Rooster Cogburns farm looks neat but I’m not sure about those hot dogs. Lol

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