Local Secrets of Northern Arizona!

Twin Arrows Casino

Yes, it’s a casino!  And yes, most folks know about it.  So how is it a local secret?

Well, let me tell you a little about the casino first.  Twin Arrows is run by the local Navajo who are very proud of the casino’s efforts to reflect Navajo culture with subtle references incorporated into the building’s design and decoration.

Like a hogan, the casino entrance faces east. All the largest windows face north to the sacred San Francisco Peaks.


Inside, the gaming floor carpet is designed to faintly resemble water.

But that isn’t the local secret…

local secrets of williams arizona

Of course we love the gaming room.  Yes, we know that our money is what is paying their light bill, but who can resist?  We grabbed a bit of our KOA paycheck and took a chance.



My big win for the evening.  This is why we don’t gamble very much.  LOL!

But that isn’t the local secret…

local secrets of williams arizona

The local secret is that every Wednesday from 4 PM to 8 PM, Twin Arrows Casino offers an all you can eat Seafood Buffet!  For around $18 a piece, you can eat your fill of crab legs, shrimp, clams, and much more.  They even have a full dessert bar with an amazing selection.

And that is a local secret that we have returned to several times.  Because who can resist all you can eat seafood!



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11 thoughts on “Local Secrets of Northern Arizona!”

  1. All 3 “secrets” seem like very fun things to do …. and like you said, who doesn’t love an all you can eat seafood buffet ? 🙂 I visited Jerome by motorcycle in the 60s and in my VW camper in the 70s.

    1. Hi Neil and Yoly!
      I imagine that Jerome hasn’t changed a whole lot. The town itself seemed to consist of original buildings. Many are uninhabited. All of them are beautiful in their own way.

      We are going to miss this area of the country. We will be leaving in early November and heading to Tucson for the winter. It will be sad to leave. But adventure awaits!

  2. You should try to get to Young, AZ if you get a chance. Young is located East of Pason on Highway 288. It about 20 miles in on a gravel road and about the same coming out. Really pretty place in the middle of nowhere. I have enjoyed your travels and live vicariously through you, as my husband does not want a camper. I would love to do you are doing. My two sons live in Phoenix and Arizona is a beautiful state. We live in North Carolina so Arizona is a very different experience. Love the posts.

    1. Hi Nancy!

      We will definitely put Young on our list of things to see! We love this part of the country and will be a bit sad when we have to leave in early November. It has been a fast six months! Our next stop is Tucson for the winter. We will get a taste of the desert parts of Arizona.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Hope you are having a wonderful week!


  3. I LOVE seafood – and a seafood buffet sounds so nice. We are currently on holiday in Australia, so tasting some new flavours not found home in New Zealand. Such as camel, kangaroo, buffalo and crocodile!

    1. Hi Jenny!

      Wow! Camel, kangaroo, buffalo and crocodile…. not so sure I’m that adventurous. LOL! Actually, I’ve had buffalo and alligator. Buffalo burgers are popular in Montana. And fried alligator is a Florida thing. But a seafood buffet is total awesomeness!

      Hope you are doing well! Enjoy your travels and stay safe!

  4. Suzy…i enjoyed this so much! I have never been interested in what i consider desert states..but this looks very nice, adn interesting. Yes, Tuna did not sound good even as i was reading it, then winding roads and 120 degrees….ack! We have 122 degrees here ALSO..YOU ARE SO BRAVE! When we go out in the heat, the air hits me like a very frigid cold day does, takes my breath away. I cant imaging riding in it. But what nice pictures you have shared! Thank You!

    1. Hi Bernice!

      Actually, that was the first time I had ever experienced that kind of temperatures. Next time, I will do it differently! LOL! We figured the breeze while riding would keep us cool. Didn’t think it would be an oven breeze. ?

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

  5. Wow Suzy that was an amazing trip. I could never be out in that kind of heat. The shots were beautiful. Well you be camp/working in Tucson? Enjoy the upcoming holidays. Big hug from Grambo ( great-grandma to Scarlett and Clara)

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