Full Time RV Living- The Highs and Lows

Now let’s look at the Highs of the past two years…

appreciating the grand canyon
Grand Canyon, Arizona
top of cadillac mountain bar harbor maine
Cadillac Mountain, Bar Harbor, ME
christmas in fort desoto florida
Forever friends, Rick and Judy (photo taken in St. Petersburg, FL)
Forever Friends- Kate and Allie (Photo taken in Orlando, FL)
Forever Friends- Bruce and Lori (photo taken in Williams, AZ)
mount washington new hampshire
Mt. Washington, NH
new jersey rv travel
Fresh veggies from the U-Pick Farm in New Jersey
visit to monument valley
Monument Valley, UT
st petersburg florida
St. Petersburg, FL
wupatki national monument and sunset crater
Wupatki National Monument, Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

Choosing photos for this post was particularly difficult.  There are more highs than I could ever put in one post.  So, with that said, our current issues have now been put into perspective.

Yep, it is a pain in the butt to head across country for a repair that can only be done properly by the factory.  But living the Full Time RV lifestyle is so worth the effort.

Keep an eye out for us!  You just might see us on the road!


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5 thoughts on “Full Time RV Living- The Highs and Lows”

  1. A lot more highs then lows. Sorry you had trouble with the slide out again. That stinks. Esme says just come on back to Atlanta, he he he

  2. After 30 years and 7 RVs we can certainly relate to breakdowns, health issues and last minute changes in plans. After awhile it almost becomes routine!
    But, like you, we’ve had great times too. As far as I’m concerned, RVing is the only way to travel. Best of luck getting your slide repaired and travel safe. I’m still hoping to meet up with you somewhere!

  3. Sorry about all these lows but things can only get better as my old Mum used to say.
    I am enjoying time with my son in FL at moment but fly back to UK 2nd July for grand daughters graduation.
    You all take care and travel safely.

  4. Sorry for your unexpected slide out issue …. at least you have someone who cares and has knowledge when you do get it repaired.

    We’re heading home from Canada so maybe our paths shall cross 🙂

    Safe and Happy Travels,
    Neil & Yoly

  5. Hi,

    I just ran into your blog and then ran into this post. It struck a cord with me because I too managed to end up with a broken bone (my leg) less than a month into our RV travels and it was also the result of dogs running amok (someone else’s, not ours). And we can relate to having pet illness issues on the road as well. 🙁 BUT, we can also relate to all the good times! Even though there have been challenges, we wouldn’t change anything about this experience. It’s been a fantastic ride. Anyway, nice blog… Just wanted to say hi!

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