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Branson, Missouri – fun and campy even without Barry Williams!

Branson, Missouri is many things.  Colorful, exciting, touristy and campy all at the same time.  It reminded me somewhat of Gatlinburg, TN.  Without Dolly Parton, of course.  Lots of things to see and do, all on a single strip of road.

branson missouri travel camping

Unusual buildings were everywhere.  I’m sure the idea is to get you to stop.  And this little technique worked well with me.  The hubby got plenty of eye rolling in every time I asked him to pull over so that I could take a photo.

I don’t like fried chicken much and I’d already eaten breakfast, but I have to tell you, this chicken at The Great American Steak and Chicken House was beckoning me in!  Dave firmly put me back in the car and moved me along.

branson missouri travel camping

Oh my!  Mount Rushmore!  Only not!

branson missouri travel camping

I did convince him to stop at the cool looking Jackie B. Goode’s Uptown Cafe for a hotdog.  Seems that most every restaurant offers live entertainment!

branson missouri travel camping

Downtown offered all the shopping that you could possibly ever want.  All with the tourist in mind.  Lots of Branson t-shirts, Branson jewelry, Branson cup holders, Branson magnets, and any other Branson item you might have to have.

I’m not a shopper, much to Dave’s relief.  But I do love to look around, do a bit of window shopping and a whole bunch of people watching.

Oh, and they had an ice cream shop that we may or may not have checked out.   Let’s just say that the Black Walnut ice cream could very possibly have been delicious.

So what did I miss?  Well how about the Barry Williams 70’s Music Celebration show?

Turns out he only performs at 2:00 PM every other day.  How could a top of the line performer end up with a 2:00 PM time slot, I’ll never know.  I’ll just have to be satisfied with this little clip of a video that someone took with their cell phone.

They take videos like my mom does and cut off his head most of the time.  But you get the gist.

A stellar performance, I’m sure.

You know, come to think of it, Dave didn’t seem too upset that we missed the show.  LOL!

branson missouri travel camping

So in an effort to make up for the fact that we missed Barry Williams, we went to the Hollywood Wax Museum and I introduced Dave to Taylor Swift.

I think he might have been invading her space a bit, though.

branson missouri travel camping

On the other hand, Hugh Hefner was quite cool with me hanging out with him.  He said that anytime I’m in the vicinity of the Playboy mansion, that I’m welcome to stop by!

Dave said he may or may not add that to his itinerary…

branson missouri travel camping

Donald Trump was a git grouchy and wanted to fire Dave right away.  I convinced him that Dave might be a decent employee.  We were still discussing his options…

branson missouri travel camping

…when Dave found a job with the Men in Black.

branson missouri travel campingSomewhere in the front lobby near the red carpet, I tripped over Angie’s dress and ended up sprawled dramatically all over the floor.  Brad stepped over me quite gallantly and posed for two more photos with barely a pause.

That is the difference between professionals and amateurs, folks!

Not into wax museums?

How about some beautiful scenery?

branson missouri travel camping

Table Rock Lake spans more than 43 thousand acres and 800 miles of shoreline.  This beautiful lake was created in August of 1958, when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built Table Rock Dam across the White River. This area is perfect for campers, pleasure boaters, fishermen and those that love water sports.

We ran across several beautiful campgrounds along the lake.  They offered full hook ups in many of them and wonderful lake views!

Fishing in this area of the country is very popular.  The lakes are full of bass, crappie, white bass, catfish and bluegill.  Beneath the dam, the Missouri Department of Conservation operates a fish hatchery, which is used to stock trout in Lake Taneycomo.

scenic drive branson, missouri

Since we were out looking for views, we took the 22 mile scenic loop.

branson missouri travel camping

The loop takes you by the Table Rock Dam and offers lots of beautiful scenic overlooks.

We were very impressed with the city of Branson.  Lots of friendly folks, lots of things to see and do, and if you are a shopper, well you are in heaven!

Now if we can just get Barry Williams to do an encore, all will be well with the world…

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3 thoughts on “Branson, Missouri – fun and campy even without Barry Williams!”

  1. OMG! He actually wears the Johnny Bravo vest!!!!! LOL, I love the wax museum pictures! I didn’t know Branson was so neat. Thanks for the info. Now I gotta get Jeff to do a trip out there, he he

  2. Gee, you didn’t capture any of the lightning strikes in the afternoon thunderstorms 🙂 Just be glad we weren’t there in the summer … it would take 3 times as long to drive the routes you took 🙂 Branson is one of the most congested areas in the US in July & August.

    1. We were too busy cowering in our RV! LOL! The day of the hail storm will live in infamy.

      We were so glad to see Branson when it was off season. We both really hate crowds. That is one of the great things about our current trip north. We have seen quite a few places in the past week that are normally ridiculously crowded, such as Hershey, PA, and the coast of Connecticut.

      Went and checked out your Bar Harbor videos. I think the first park that you stayed at may be the one we are working for. I’m prepared for the bad wifi. I am bringing my own hotspot. LOL!


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