Beautiful Arizona- our winter destination

We finally made it back to Arizona!  I have to say that since we have been on the road, Arizona is one of our favorite places.  And it never fails to impress.

Since becoming full time rv’ers, we have found that many full timers establish a winter destination and return there every year.  About half the RV parks in the US close down for the winter, leaving only those in the western and southern states available.  We got into this whole thing to travel and really don’t want to be tied down to one place and so far have spent our winters in Florida and Arizona.

But it seems that the state of Arizona has us back again for the second year in a row.  Back in early summer, I applied for a position as a Social Media Director for a group of resorts in Arizona.  I didn’t really think that they’d consider me, but I like to always keep options open for additional income.

And what do you know?  I was hired!  This is a year-round position that I can do from my coach anywhere in the country as long as I have internet connection.  They do require, though, that we spend our winter season in Apache Junction, AZ at the largest of the resorts.

We arrived at the resort the first week of November, after spending a little time with family in Atlanta.  My job is to document all the activities, update Facebook and their websites, and create a weekly email newsletter.

Dave’s job?  Well he is so far taking the winter off.  That may change if he gets bored, but it is nice to know that between my websites and the two companies that I do social networking for, we can pay the bills and enjoy traveling.

Shortly after arriving, we noticed that about 2 dozen or so people in the park have motorcycles.  They were happy to have us join them and so far, we have been on three long motorcycle adventures.  Finally, the motorcycle is getting some use.

One of the first activities that I documented this season was called the “Mystery Tour”.  Basically, everyone who wanted to go met at the entranceway where we were handed maps.  We carpooled to the mystery location and then enjoyed a fun tour.  Here is the movie that I put together afterward:

The Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix were amazing.

If you ever get a chance to be in the area, we highly recommend a trip out to see them.  Meridian RV Resort does a mystery tour once a month and we can’t wait to see where we will be going next!

My new job has me going outside my comfort zone in a lot of areas.  I’m required to attend and document all functions and activities.

Things like the Shooters Club where we literally took our tiny KIA 4-wheeling through the desert to the local shooting range.  No cell phone signal, lots of loud guns, and possibly snakes.  Craziness.

We have been to lots of great dinners and have seen some great live entertainment!  Oh, and I will also be covering lots of fun events outside of the resort! Things like the Tumbleweed Christmas Tree in Chandler, State Fairs, The Renaissance Festival, and much more.

And the season has just begun.  Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Arizona.  We will be here until the beginning of April.


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12 thoughts on “Beautiful Arizona- our winter destination”

    1. Hi Heather!

      Yes, I love the idea of mystery tours. It is fun to discover new places. We are going on another one this week and I hope to document it. Hope you are doing well!


  1. Nice job on the video! Sounds like you will be very busy this winter season.

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures in Arizona!

    1. HI Susan!
      Thanks so much! This season is proving to be quite interesting! We are enjoying working a non-conventional campground job. Will be going back to KOA for the summer, but in the meantime loving Arizona! Hope you are doing well!

  2. How wonderful to have a job custom made for you that you can do anywhere! Will be following along for sure. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Cheryl!

      Thanks so much for following along and being patient with me! Seems I have a lot of irons in the fire lately. But I am settling into the new job and working out my schedule. With any luck, I’ll be able to post more often soon!


  3. Congratulations on the great job. Sounds like a lot of fun to me (especially by comparison) . I wish I could be there with you to make videos of everything 🙂 It sounds like you’ll have a more varied lifestyle as compared to conventional “work kamping” 🙂

    1. Hi Neil and Yoly!

      Hope you are doing well! I’m so sorry that I haven’t made the time to respond by email in a while. Life has been a bit crazy. But now that I am settling down into my new job, things are smoothing out. So far we are really liking the new job. And we knew we would love the area.

      I am working on more videos now, so I should be able to show more “action” shots. LOL! Love your videos from your latest trip! You both looked like you had a fabulous time! Any plans to take on a trip out west again?


    1. Hi Jenny!

      Thanks so much! I’m actually more of a quilter than a computer whizz. I can fake it pretty well. LOL! But I do love the new job and the fact that I can set my own schedule. And of course we love the area!

      Hope you are doing well!


  4. I am surprised …you are making Arizona look intriguing. I never was interested,but it sounds like fun. And what a great job you landed! Congrats!

    1. HI Bernice!

      We originally came to Arizona last year with the idea of checking out the Grand Canyon and moving on. We thought the state was just a big desert. We were very surprised to find out that the state has just about everything! So far in our travels, it is our favorite place. But we do have lots more places to see. So we will keep our options open. LOL!

      Hope you are doing well!


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