visit to monument valley

A look at Monument Valley!

visit to monument valley

If you don’t want to attempt the road on your own,  Navajo guides and 4WD jeep rental outfits wait expectantly by the visitor center to offer tours.  Their typical prices are around $75 for a 2 hour trip (though cheaper tours are available).

We love to go on our own so we can take our time.  But tours are a great way to learn more about the history of the area.

visit to monument valley

Monument Valley also has ancient cave and cliff dwellings, natural arches and petroglyphs.  Most of these are generally away from the loop road at more isolated locations and viewable only as part of guided tours.

visit to monument valley

The loop road passes 11 numbered stops at the most scenic places and interesting places, and generally takes about 2 hours to complete.  Tourists are not allowed to hike away from the road closer towards any of the formations, but even so the trip is just amazing.

Like the Grand Canyon, photos really do not do this place justice.  Here is an informative video that takes you along the loop road and gives just a bit of background on this beautiful part of the country…

Add it to your list if you haven’t had a chance to view Monument Valley.  It is amazingly beautiful.



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