visit to monument valley

A look at Monument Valley!

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visit to monument valley

Most of the park (that is available to the public) can be seen on a 17 mile loop road that travels through the buttes.  The road starts at the visitor center and winds through the towering cliffs offering lots of great photo opportunities along the way.

visit to monument valley

The road is unpaved, dusty, steep and uneven in places.  Our little KIA got a workout.   I wouldn’t recommend attempting the road after a recent rain unless you have a 4WD vehicle, but on a hot dusty day, even our little car made the journey with no issues.

visit to monument valley

Faith was not impressed.  She wanted back in the car.  She wanted to know where the heck all the grass went.


visit to monument valley

We stopped about midway through the loop to let the dogs have a break.  Right after this photo was taken, we put the hatch up to let the dogs back in.  While our backs were turned, we actually had a dust devil (small dust tornado) sneak up on us, throwing lots of dust and debris into the car.


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