12 Great ways to make a living on the road!

Make a living Home Caretaking

There are many folks out there that own several homes.  When they are not in one home, they often prefer that there be someone there taking care of it for them in their absence.  This type of work requires a clean background, naturally, but opens up a whole new area of opportunities.  You receive a salary, live in or on the property of a beautiful home, and are just required to maintain it.  They generally do not allow pets for obvious reasons, but you can always negotiate.


bearizona and grand canyon deer farm

Make a living at Animal Refuges and Zoos

Love animals?  This is a great way to work with some amazing animals and have a place to stay.  Most often, these jobs are volunteer, but occasionally you will run across one that pays.  These are the types of jobs I look at just for the experience.  How many folks do you know that can say they worked with wolves?  Craziness.

local secrets of williams arizona

Make a living doing Greenhouse Work

During the springtime, many greenhouses across the United States are looking for seasonal employment.  If you love digging in the dirt, this might be the job for you!  Most greenhouses do not offer a rv site, but you can find a campground locally that offers a decent monthly rate and more than make ends meet.

st petersburg florida christmas

Make a living at Christmas Tree and Pumpkin stands

We have been told by several coworkers that Christmas Tree and Pumpkin stand work can be pretty profitable.  It is hard work, but the season is only a few months long and pay is based on a salary and/or commission.  Most allow you to park your camper on site, or there is the option of finding a local park with monthly rates.

appreciating the grand canyon

Make a Living working for the National Park Service

There are many opportunities available for tour guide, to gate worker, to museum and store worker.  Many of the National Parks offer a salary along with a campsite in return for your work.  Places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, and Yosemite offer some great employment opportunities.

campfire camping

Amazon’s CamperForce Program 

Amazon needs work campers to work seasonally at fulfillment centers in several locations around the country. The jobs last from three to four months around the end of the year, ending with the Christmas holiday.  We are told that the work is relatively easy, but there is a lot of walking involved and often long hours.  They provide a rv site at local campgrounds as part of your benefits.  Many of our coworkers have told us that the income for this position allows them to take the rest of the winter off.

statesville north carolina koa camping

This list of ideas just touches on a few of the opportunities available.  If you are willing to work seasonally, for about minimum wage, there are many ideas to choose from.

Work it for a season and move on.  That is what we love about the wheels on our house.  They keep us rolling onto the next adventure on the road.


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  1. Most gate guarding positions in the oilfields are 24/7 not 12 hours. They only use 2 sets of guards like that on ridiculously busy gates so the work will be shared between a couple in one RV. There are some singles doing this on slow gates, 12 hr gates, or as substitutes filling in.

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