12 Great ways to make a living on the road!

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Make a living on Seasonal Boat Tours

When we were in Maine, we noticed that the local seasonal tour boats always had openings listed.  Most any tourist attraction near water offers some sort of boat tour or fishing expedition.  For this type of position, you would need to find a local rv park to live at with decent monthly rates to compensate.  But the positions would definitely be a fun break from the routine.


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Make a living at Dollywood or any other large amusement park

We recently researched Dollywood and I have to say that the pay was decent and the variety of seasonal positions were great.  Dollywood does not have a rv park to put your coach, but offers a list of local parks with good monthly rates.  Some amusement parks actually offer their own rv park included.

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Make a living as Gatekeepers at oil fields.

Two RVers park their RVs at the gate and each work 12-hour shifts letting trucks in and out. The hours are long, but we hear that the pay is excellent.  The disadvantage to this position (at least for us) is the lack of cell phone coverage in some of the out-of-the way places that this job might entail.  But for short time employment, this is a good way to stack up some bucks.

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Make a living Sugar Beet Harvesting

This is very hard work, but you get way above average pay. Check it out at SugarBeetHarvest.com.  This company needs RV campers for the sugar beet harvest, which starts around the end of September in Montana and North Dakota.   The harvest lasts from 2 to 4 weeks, and involves 12 hour days, often with no days off.  But many work campers have told us that they have earned up to $7000 during that short time.  Enough to be able to skip a season of working.  That is something to think about!

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  1. Most gate guarding positions in the oilfields are 24/7 not 12 hours. They only use 2 sets of guards like that on ridiculously busy gates so the work will be shared between a couple in one RV. There are some singles doing this on slow gates, 12 hr gates, or as substitutes filling in.

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